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AISEMO: Our product portfolio is in our name

AI... Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence supports process optimisation in production. Perfect value added by data-based decisions.

SE... Sensor technology

Energy-optimised sensor systems for injection moulding are continuously developed to enhance production quality.

MO... Monitoring

We develop industry-specific software for monitoring and analysing production data to enable perfect production processes.

The founder team


Werner Schwarz

Target-oriented doer with long years of experience in the producing industry


Wolfgang Auer

Successful founder and strategic visionary in the field of sensor technology and artificial intelligence


Become a member of our team!

We are continuously searching for talents in the field of data science, cloud engineering, software engineering, service and support, ...

Job vacancies

Our values

A world where production takes place in a responsible and resource-saving manner.



We work as a team in which everybody take responsibility for themselves to make their contributions to the big picture



We always deliver the best result in quality and inspire each other to achieve outstanding performance levels



Lifelong learning is embedded in our staff’s working process to develop and enhance new skills



Appreciation is reflected by all our actions - among employees, customers, partners and towards the environment



Our actions as well as our products & performance are transparent and honest both internally & towards the outside



We enhance doing things in a new way and encourage our teams to think big

Potential calculator

How much potential is there in the reduction of downtimes in injection moulding?


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Calculate the profit potential by means of a production order using our Excel template.


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