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Software with real-time data for injection moulding production

KPI dashboards

Perfect processing of the KPIs of your injection moulding machines.

Software as a Service

Fixed purchase and operating cost, since maintenance and support of the external IT systems are included in the package price.

Flexible extension

Digitalise more machines and sites at any time. Readily add users to the system.

OEE index: Measurement and optimisation of the overall equipment efficiency


Enhance your production

  • Rapid reaction to production disruptions
  • Identification of production weak points
  • Analysis of the most signification production KPIs


Record and analyse downtimes

  • Easy downtime recording directly at the machine
  • Subsequent categorisation in the software
  • Data export function for flexible analysis

Customised scheduling tool

  • Input of all injection moulding parameters for continued order scheduling and evaluation
  • Scheduling assistant avoids double allocation of tools and machines
  • Automatic calculation of production end time

Increase the productivity of your machine parks in 3 steps


Get to know AISEMO Analytics

Identify the system requirements and test our production functions. This is the only way you can select the right product.


Install the system

Install the hardware components in the production workshop within one day and establish the software accesses for your employees. You get immediate access to the production data.


Optimise production

Track and analyse your production data with AISEMO Analytics. Your employees may record problems by a standard procedure directly on the machine. This allows you to optimise production specifically.

Schedule a Demo

Hardware components for the digitalisation of your machine park


Compact sensor for monitoring the production machines


Safe data transmission from local sensors into the cloud

Potential calculator

How much potential is there in the reduction of downtimes in injection moulding?


Download the potential calculator free of charge

Calculate the profit potential by means of a production order using our Excel template.

Just enter your e-mail address and we send you the Excel template including instructions by e-mail.


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