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Start data transmission with the AISEMO EdgeGateway

Easy installation

Installation may be performed by the customer themselves. Only an electric power connection is required.

Local network provider

Provision of an independent AISEMO network for data transmission from sensors and tablet computers.

Safe data transmission

Encoded communication of production data of all devices connected into the cloud.

AISEMO EdgeGateway: Immediately ready to use owing to factory default system configuration

Rapid installation in the production workshop

Installation with screws or magnets.

Product details

Connection of a high number of devices

Special bluetooth interfaces for the simultaneous connection of up to 40 devices

Long range

Even large production workshops may easily be networked.

Integrated data buffer

In the case of a cellular network breakdown, all data will be buffered at the EdgeGateway.

Update management

All AISEMO system devices (SensorTag, ConnectBox and tablet) in the production workshop are updated via the EdgeGateway.

Easy remote maintenance

If required, AISEMO service staff may perform a remote diagnosis and repair in the system.

Solid enclosure design

Completely sealed, solid enclosure for use at challenging sites

Rapid data transmission

Production data are transmitted in realtime and made available in the software in AISEMO Analytics.

Energy-saving system

Data transmission between sensors and the EdgeGateway takes place via Bluetooth-Low Energy (BLE)

For worldwide use

Data transmission with integrated SIM card for 3G/4G cellular connections

Frequently asked questions

It ensures data transmission from the AISMEO hardware components into the cloud. In order that data transmission works, a 3G/4G cellular connection must be available in the production workshop.

The number of required EdgeGateways depends on the space conditions of your production site. Depending on the design of the production layout and the building layout, different ranges may be covered. According to experience, 3 EdgeGateways are required for an average production workshop with 25 injection moulding machines. The precise number will be identified individually for your demands by our experts.

In the case of a cellular network breakdown, all data will be buffered at the EdgeGateway and subsequently transmitted into the cloud.

A central position (clear surface on a wall and/or ceiling) is selected for the installation of the EdgeGateway. Ideally, a clear metal surface is located centrally, since this allows for installation using magnets.

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