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License packages and costs

The package price depends on the size of your machine park. It is primarily determined by the number of machines connected.

With a medium-sized machine park, you may expect costs from EUR 15,000 in the first year (installation, hardware and software licenses).

AISEMO Packages 2023 EN


Increase the productivity of your machine parks in 3 steps


Get to know AISEMO Analytics

Identify the system requirements and test our production functions. This is the only way you can select the right product.


Install the system

Install the hardware components in the production workshop within one day and establish the software accesses for your employees. You get immediate access to the production data.


Optimise production

Track and analyse your production data with AISEMO Analytics. Your employees may record problems by a standard procedure directly on the machine. This allows you to optimise production specifically.

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Potential calculator

How much potential is there in the reduction of downtimes in injection moulding?

Kunststoff-Spritzguss Produktionshalle

Download the potential calculator free of charge

Calculate the profit potential by means of a production order using our Excel template.


Just enter your e-mail address and we send you the Excel template including instructions by e-mail.


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